Tuesday, September 27

Magic without a T.

Image from somewhere in the internet's depths.

I have an archive of beautiful images from around the place.
Photographs, posters, fashion and artwork which is exciting, inspiring, technically emulative or simply something I'd love to keep around me.

The above image popped up and reminded me that today is
The Day I Gained Purpose in Life! 
The Day I registered my grad film, my final year project!
that I don't write much save Tweets or the teensy blog/ DA posts.
Which is sad, really. 

There's just so much less to think about when I write. It's easier to put words together in text, than have face-to-face conversations or participate in stilted Facebook chat sessions.
(I should just post on my Blog. And tell people to read the daily RSS before we meet.Simple aforementioned problems solved.)

Coming back to the point,
Words are powerful. Radical Self Love from my favourite blogger in the world confirms that.
The more I realise that the only thing constant in life is change, I love life a little bit more. The minority of happy people on the planet can subscribe to that notion.

The Now is:
    The unbeatable roasted lush of Coorg coffee, made in a steel filter every Ahmedabadi morning
    September weather spells of warm wakings up in the cold morning
    The unavoidable,hilarious and exasperating daily updates of the neighbour dogs,brought to you by your lunch buddy 

    Skinny lizards skating over  the peppery ceiling searching for roaches
    The new forevers of rediscovering Neruda on a tattoo quest
    The old forevers of Radiohead,Jefferson Airplane,T.S Eliot and
    the blazing nows of the Xx, HerSpaceHoliday, Vampire Weekend and all the indie music in the world made for you and only you

    Ego-tickles and skin-tickles and goosebumps,
    Beer and perfectly made eggs in honey-teriyaki sauce to share,
    Letters from never-lost long-ago-still-here girls in penguin swimsuits who
    made houses out of orange tang, dinosaur baths and magazine covers FYVP  when
    the roof tiles were unguarded and  comfort came years, years later in a car-ride

    Sister cats waiting in Mysore town with babies that are sprouting like acrobats
    Photograph sleeping in folder not awake not  yet not again
    Insomnia over  coffee dates and dirty drawings of furtive couples in stretchy pants and brown sugar
spells now in not so many words,
none at all.

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